Words from Wizards
From Wizards, the film


Stop, Elf!
Blood on blood flowing!
Fathers and sons dying!
Brothers and lovers spilling false hate
in rivers of life flowing away.
Fool, Elf!
Think your sword is always quick?
But what else?

(a Fairy's song)

Time renews tomorrow,
When we've used today.
It will find the sorrow
And wash it all away.

Love can play a new tune
On this carousel.
It may be tomorrow,
But only time will tell.

Somewhere in the darkness
There must be a light,
Leading us together
Through the misty night.

And maybe in the new dawn
We can break the spell.
It may be tomorrow,
But only time will tell.

There can be a new dream,
One for us to hold.
Wait with peace and hope
And it may finally hold.

No one has the answer
To give away or sell.
Tomorrow holds the secret,
But only time will tell.