Worldwide Media Relations

Project Synopses

Brief summaries of sample client projects, strategies and results.

Project: Broadcast Consortium Development

Client(*): Washington, DC-based television company, working in conjunction with other broadcasters, domestic and Soviet newspapers

Synopsis: The multi-faceted company needed strong representation in Moscow to develop essential relations with Russian partners, and improve interaction with official and "unofficial" sources during turbulent and critical times preceding the fall of the Soviet Union. It was necessary to continue marketing services to American clients to generate the cash flow for the expensive operation, while also strengthening relations with the Russian partners and pursuing other Western media involvement in various print and broadcast projects.

Results: Developed distribution of video reports from Russia to US television broadcasters; improved relations with top decision-makers in Russian partnership; negotiated joint-television coverage of the Bush/Gorbachev summit by a consortium of Russian and U.S. broadcasters (scuttled during Iraqi conflict); identified suitable partners for joint-publishing agreements.

Project: Broadcaster Crisis Resolution

Client: American television news company with bureau in Moscow

Synopsis: The company had a scheduled production in jeopardy due to labor problems with the Russian/American staff in Moscow, antagonisms with various Russian government offices and vendors, and equipment confiscated over payments in arrears.

Results: Resolved labor problems with staff, negotiated settlements with government offices and vendors, retrieved impounded equipment, produced scheduled documentary shoot, identified and developed new Russian partnership.

Project: Russian Business/Leadership Training Program

Client: American philanthropic organization providing free training programs throughout countries of the former Soviet bloc

Synopsis: The program sent high-level American business and leadership trainers to hold free programs for thousands of seminar participants. The trainers pay their own travel expenses, but the organization needs to publicize its work in Western media to generate contributions to cover other operating expenses.

Results: Advanced extensive coverage in media throughout the FSU, and generated coverage in Western media, including large national publications and newscasts. Contributed to and publicized book describing the organization's work.

Project: Public/Media Relations Seminars

Client: American business training program

Synopsis: The training program needed a specialist who could hold a series of public/media relations seminars across Russia addressing the particular needs of Russian business and government leaders, while understanding the idiosyncratic context of the Russian social environment.

Results: Developed a two-day seminar specific to issues surrounding media and public relations in Russia. Field workers in Russia invited local business and government leaders, media representatives and students to the free seminars. Several hundred participants attended the well-received seminars over a two-week period in three Russian cities.

Project: Business Service Promotion

Client: Regional business service organization

Synopsis: The business organization needed to enhance its image in the community to maintain existing membership, and attract new members.

Results: Developed weekly radio talk show, monthly newspaper page and weekly membership business reports; wrote speeches for organization officers addressing community groups; improved other communications with organization members; improved communications with community business and government leaders.