What some people have said about
Steven R. Van Hook ...

"Steven Van Hook, the brains behind the site (aboutpublicrelations.net), has a background in international journalism and PR, and he obviously knows PR inside and out."
ExpertPR/MediaMap, Awarding First-Place Prize for "Site Most Useful to PR PROs"

"The fact is that you are not only competent, creative and strategic, but also that you are a team player."
Myron Wasylyk, V.P., The PBN Company; G.M. Ukraine Division

"The job you did for us in Moscow far exceeded all our expectations."
Cynthia Neu, President, Sun World News/Moscow, Washington, D.C.

"Thanks for doing a good job (in Moscow)! ... you (were) on top of everything."
David Arond, East-West Broadcast News

"This last (ratings) book showed significant increases in adults 55-plus and in men 18-49. As the leader of our news efforts, you deserve special praise."
Dustine Davidson, California/Oregon Broadcasting Investments

"Let's recognize a lot of (Van Hook's) hard and intelligent work."
Southern Oregon Review

"... A spunky fighter..."
The Oregonian

"Van Hook knew the town needed help...the payoff a more active, independent, skilled community."
Current Consumer Magazine

"... Van Hook set up a diverse program teaching a wide range of skills."
Christian Science Monitor

"It is encouraging to know of the achievements of young community leaders such as you."
U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield

"... An outstanding spokesman for freedom."
Veterans of Foreign Wars

"... Conscious of your concern for mankind and our nation."
United States Jaycees

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