The Good Life

Let us live friends, one day at a time; 
doing the best we know how; 
sowing a word here and a deed there; 
let us not be self-righteous; 
let us not condemn; 
let us do our best, but give to every other one the same privilege; 
let us 'mind our own business'; 
let us cease to persecute; 
let us be filled with love, tolerance and compassion; 
let us see all as part of the All; 
let us see that each is doing the best they know how, 
considering the stage of their unfoldment; 
let us see the Divine in the humblest, vilest, and most ignorant person --
it is there, it is there, hidden but pressing forward toward unfoldment; 
and, finally, 'let us be kind -- let us be kind.'

- Yogi Ramacharaka -
Advance Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism