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Opinion Piece Sample

 Message from Chamber of Commerce President
for Monthly Business Magazine

(written by Steven R. Van Hook)


Our old globe wobbles around the sun each year, sometimes the poles tilted toward the warmth, other times toward the dark. But we can be sure that with each cosmic revolution of seasons, spring will return in its time.

The business cycle doesn’t necessarily coincide with the shift of nature’s rhythms, but nonetheless spring is a good time to follow a few of the tried-and-true seasonal rites passed down through the generations.

Springtime calls for a complete cleansing of our business corners. It’s time to brush away the cobwebs, shake up a few musty assumptions, and toss out some of the clutter impeding our path.

Our fiscal vision, like a picture window, needs a periodic wipe to ensure an unclouded look at the horizon. Negative attitudes, grudges, misconceptions are like dust and smears smudging our view.

We should take an inventory of our attics and garages. How much of the past do we allow to occupy the space which should be housing new and useful tools?

We head out to the garden, carefully tilling the soil, eagerly anticipating a bountiful autumn harvest. We know our hard work now will pay off in the end. We shouldn’t forget to sniff a few roses along the way.

If there’s any doubt that spring is a time for renewed effort and fresh beginnings, just look at the industriousness all about us ... the blossoms, the birds, the bees ... nature is busily preparing for the new season. Spring accommodates our labors with brighter and longer days to get the work done.

Our business soil is fertile and ready for planting, we can make of it what we will. So let’s roll up our sleeves, grab the buckets and mops and hoes, and spruce up our collective home front.

May your spring be green with growth, profits and renewal.