The Marriage of Mona Lisa & John

The Wedding Invitation

*** The Nuptial Hour Draws On Apace ***

One midsummer day, August the first, ‘ninety three,
Liechtenstein Kingdom, o ‘chanted lea,
rises amidst the Santa Maria Inn, for to wed would be
worthy John Peter to fair Mona Lisa Marie.

These two hearts, one troth united be,
request the pleasure of your company.
Come join the betrotheds in joyous banquet and revelry
to start at eleven thirty o’clock, with ceremony
at noon aprompt, in favor of the sun’s high glory.
Mimes and jugglers for your delight to see
and celebrate in love and matrimony.

Be ye knight or knave, crowned queen or crone,
valourous or villain -- we count you as our own.
If ye come together, else if ye come alone
our hearts will cheer your presence, a trumpet will be blown.
Good cheer, good health, good joy be yours; know that this we pray
foul winds above nor dark below shan’t keep you from this day.

This sacred scroll we now send forth: be it swift, be sure, be true
a 'fore our wedded pledge doth pass our lips, we pledge our faith to you.

* * *

The Betrothed Beseech:
Hie thee hither!

Anno Domini 1993
The first Sunday of Augustus
The hour approaching mid-day
11:30 ante meridian
ye olde Santa Maria Inn

The Wedding Proclamation

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!

By royal decree of his most high excellency, King Ferdinand of the exalted lands of Liechtenstein:

Be it known by all ye gathered here on this most auspicious and holy of occasions, that henceforth and forevermore, beyond all authority of these earthly spheres, abiding by the pledges sworn to this day by the loyal subjects, Mona Lisa Marie and John Peter, by the compassionate blessings of his royal highness;

The Betroth-ed are hereby joined in witness by their oath of love before ye all now present, as decreed by the legal bonds of matrimony, and as inscribed in the annals of the realm and the most sacred scrolls of heaven, beyond reproach of angels or mortal man;

And shall from this day forward on the familial lands of home or distant shores beyond our loving embrace, be it known to all earthly subjects and potentates, and to those spirits among the abiding stars above, these two faithful pilgrims on their fledgling journey shall be inviolate as man and wife from this day hence;

And hand within hand, and heart within heart, forevermore be sealed as one within the sanctified dominion of all creation.

So shall it be written ... so shall it be done.