Cameraman Cliff
is getting ready to shoot
my "stand-up" with
Moscow's Red Square
as the backdrop.
Producing a shoot with
Boris Yeltsin for the BBC
in his "White House"

Raisa Gorbachev
hosted our crew for FOX television,
allowing us to shoot deep corners of the Kremlin palace
never before videotaped by Americans.

Conducting an interview
by St. Basil's Cathedral
on Red Square next door to the Kremlin.

Yours truly
standing before the Russian "White House"
shortly before it was blasted black by tank fire
in October, 1993.

Wash day.
Given Moscow's cold,
wet winters,
drying time is about eight days.

Waiting in line for lunch at Pizza Hut
(Russian toppings include fish,
cucumbers and items best not asked about).

Waiting in line for lunch
at McDonald's
(at times up to two-hours for your "fast food" meal).

Just waiting
for motion
in Moscow's jumble of traffic.

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