The Angels' Kiss

Now God loves all angels, but there were two in the heavens that were among His very most favorite. These two angel babies: she had hair like the midnight sky spangled with stars; he with hair like a nugget of gold reflecting the noonday sun.

How God would love to watch them play, and all the angel host would thrill at their joyous hearts.

These two angel babes would often go to a secret corner of heaven, which was the brightest and most joyful spot of all. They would tell each other stories and play angelic games, and sometimes, when their hearts were warm, they would look down on the earth's suffering below.

"It doesn't need to be so," she said. "We'll just have to do something about it," he agreed.

They solemnly chose to be born human babies (oh! How heaven missed them!) -- someday meeting on earth and doing their good, then returning home to their secret corner where they would tell their celestial stories once more.

"We'll meet back here again," she said. "We won't forget where," he agreed. And they sealed their promise with a kiss, the sweetest of kisses, the kind only angels know: pure, holy, blessed by the very light of God.

And they left heaven to find their earth mothers below. So they would know one another, they took the same name.

The earth people did not understand the angel babies' love, and they both suffered greatly as they grew. Humans are often the cruelest to the children of God -- they don't know what they do. But God would often check on His two favorites, and carefully guarded their hearts with love.

She spread her loving spirit; people whom she touched were blessed. She banished darkness where she stayed. Life would become brighter for those around her.

He worked with the poor and helpless and hungry. Thousands heard his stories of hope. Light would come and evil retreat where he stood.

After many years of toil they joined again. And they brought to the earth babies of great light and spirit, loving souls breathing new life and hope into a tired world.

And when their time came to die, the two angel babes once more promised to meet in their secret corner of heaven. "You know where," she said. "I never forgot," he agreed.

And they softly kissed, the kind of kiss only angels know.