Christmas Sun

T’were the nights before Christmas
And all across earth
There were people rejoicing
A long ago birth. 

And all of the sad
In a world so defiled
Were given new hope
In the smile of a child. 

T’was a man way up north
In a paradise home
With his wife and his help
In a land few have known. 

From the top of the world
He surveyed below
Then he loaded some gifts
And was off through the snow. 

With no thought of reward
Flew St. Nick and his elf
(For to do what is good
Is reward in itself). 

He dropped love over Paris
He spread wonders and peace
He gave goodness to Moscow
And gladness to Greece. 

And to each of the countries
Each city and town
He gave tidings of joy
Lifted up what was down. 

And when he was done
Heaved a sigh of relief.
Then looked over his
Shoulder in shocked disbelief. 

All the goodness and tidings
And gladness were gone.
There was conflict in Congo
There was strife in Teheran.

He saw starving and poor
And he brushed off a tear
He saw those that repent
But once only a year.

He saw mayhem and pain
How the mighty hurt meek
All the world was a mess
And the outcome seemed bleak.

But he gave me a wink
As the Christmas sun rose
His eyes brightly twinkled
And a rub warmed his nose.

Then I heard him exclaim
Out to all of the lands:
“Merry Christmas to all.
You are still in God’s hands.”